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I wrote this almost a year ago in my amazing and addictive writing class.  So addictive, in fact, that while my husband took the kids to dance class in our only car, I was committed enough to walk 4 miles to class.  Or so the story was going to go.  I have this tendency to […]

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Six years

It was a warm April afternoon in 1999.  Tony and I were at the shelter, taking pictures of the adoptable animals, as we did every Friday.  We were exhausted and filthy as we neared the end of the kennels.  But then, in the second to last cage, there he was. Technically, his fur was white, […]

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“No snow,” said radio. “No snow,” said television.   But snowflakes don’t listen to radio.  Snowflakes don’t watch television.   All snowflakes know is snow, snow, snow, snow.  from Snow by Uri Shulevitz Every Christmas, my family read London Snow by Paul Theroux (now sadly out of print).  In the book, London is blanketed by a snowstorm — […]

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