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One of those days

I have a beautiful day to look forward to tomorrow, including time with a friend who offered to bring lunch. I was expecting something simple, but considering that all of the mama meals this friend has brought us after the birth of our last three babies have become staples at this house, I should have […]

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The End of Preschool

I remember when he first started. He’d just turned three, and we had just moved into the city. He felt so little to me to be sending him away for part of his day. But then we visited, and the director of the school crouched down to his eye level and spoke to him gently, […]

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His Puppy

  From a year and a half ago, when my sweet boy was just a few months past his fourth birthday, instead of less than two months from his sixth: We went to the shelter today and there, in one of the cages, was a tiny pit bull puppy named Cyclone. ┬áHe had a big […]

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